We want to ensure the future of the French Protestant Church.

Its history and community rely on a thorough and phased renovation that will guarantee its survival for centuries to come. Our main objective is to put back the Church at the crossroad of its dual heritage, being at the same time the active place of worship of the London French speaking protestant communities and one of the key buildings of the Huguenot refuge. As the direct descendant of the first church of the strangers funded in 1550, it also makes the Soho church one of the oldest French landmark in London.


  • Offering a modern, welcoming and secure environment for our congregation to pray, meet, share, volunteer and engage.
  • Opening our Church to the Soho community, local charities, historical societies and businesses with a perfect environment for events, conferences or meetings in a prime central and historical location
  • Sharing our wealth of history by providing greater access to our unique collection of rare books and manuscripts.


Affected by time, weather but also endless constructions around it (buildings, Crossrail), the building has many issues: leaks damaging the roofs, cracked stained glass, humidity creating infiltrations in the building’s terracotta walls and the original organ.


  • Create two large meeting spaces for education and social events
  • Provide disabled access and facilities with the installation of a lift and disabled toilets
  • Address all the humidity and roofs issues
  • Repoint walls and replace the damaged Dolton terracotta bricks
  • Upgrade the ventilation and heating systems and install new lighting
  • Build a fully functional kitchen
  • Engage a comprehensive program of conservation of the historical library, books and archives


  • Preparation : June 2015-December 2017 : studies and plans
  • Phase 1 : January 2018-September 2018 : basement renovation
  • Phase 2 : December 2017-April 2019 : church and roofs renovation
  • Phase 3 : January 2017-December 2018 : conservation of books and archives

Nevertheless, the beginning of the renovation depends on funds availability.


The global budget is £1.8 million, we need to raise £1.5 million.

Support the RENOVATION

What are the costs & expenditures

Funds required by Sept 2018:  £1,800,000


By BT Donate

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By cheque : Please send your cheque payable to The French Protestant Church to ‘ Huguenot Church Appeal’ – French Protestant Church, 8-9 Soho Square, London W1D 3QD

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Lloyds Bank – The French Protestant Church

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IBAN:  GB97 LOYD30845132015160 – BIC:  LOYDGB21760


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The French Protestant Church of London is very grateful to its generous donors (individuals, companies and foundations), for their support of the renovation plan of the Soho temple. We would like to thank them wholeheartedly.

Major benefactor         

Guillaume Fonkenell



Bertrand Meunier

Eric de Turckheim

André-Pierre Visser




Isabelle and Thierry Baudon

Jacques Boissonnas

Ly Dumas

Martin Harcourt Williams

In memory of George and Yvette Orawski

Antoine and Carole de Saint-Affrique

The Scaler Foundation




Albane and Stéphane Caron

Laurent and Marine Charbonnier

Dr Elizabeth Courtauld

Anne and Denis Faure

Bénédicte and Gilles Moëc-Fougier

Amélie and Bruno Mourgue d’Algue

Christine and Ulrich Sigwart

Isabelle and Olivier Wolf



JR Asprey charitable foundation

Maartje Bonda

Laurence Colchester

Stéphane and Cindy Desmarais

Sabine Duchemin

Catherine Giger

Cyrille Kabadjeu

Thibault Lavergne and Wine Story

Ghislain and Nelly Leugue

Cécile Monfort-Bidet

Caroline-Laure and Guilhem Nègre

The Lady Phillimore

Nicolas and Véronique Raynaud

Anne Roberts

Jean-Philippe Vernes


As well as,

John Adamson, Irina Arnold, Stéphane Audran, Hélène Bamba, Jesse Beaumont, Luc Benjamin, James Brebner, Tim Bouquet, Peter Bourdillon, Joannah Brear, Georgina Briody, Carrie-S, Bernard Cazenove, Barbara Cheroutre, Mathilde Chiesa, Communauté malgache, Katleen Cook, George Courtauld, John Critchley, Dr Katherine Danceney, Guilhem Darricau, Magali and Xavier Demierre, Carol and David Di Matteo, Elaine Du Lieu, Yvette Easton, JG Ellis, JH and Isabelle Gaulard, Fabrice Gaussen, Florence Giger, Mayeule Graff, David Griffiths, T.G.Hall, Robert Hanrott, P Houssemayre du Boulay, Peter Haynes, Robin Howells, Hywel Harris Hughes, Huguenot Society of Australia, Michel and Barbara Julien, Xavier Kreiss, Jean-Luc Laloe, Daniel and Françoise Levesque, Aino-Leena Levillain, Kemel Mabiala, Elisabeth Maddison, Victorine Martineau, François Masson, Brian Matier, Lady Monson, David John Montier, Marc and Sandrine Morawek, Jean Murat, Caroline Negrel-Russell, The Nugee foundation, Jeremy Ouvry, Rasa Owondault-Berre, Emmanuel Probst, Clive Radley, Catherine Rainey, Antony Ratcliff, Catherine Rawlinson, Andrew Ritchie, Clément and Hélène Salmon, Robert Scallon, Société Féminine Française, Laure Thomas, Geoffrey Treasure, Fiona Tremethick, Maurice Vassié, Géraldine Visser, Richard Walker, Marcia Watson, J. Young.