L´Église Protestante Française de Londres a été fondée en 1550 par la charte royale d´Edouard VI accordant la liberté de culte aux réfugiés protestants wallons et français.

Elle est installée à Soho Square depuis 1893.

De tradition réformée, l´Église est aujourd´hui une communauté ouverte à la diversité confessionnelle.
Des francophones d´horizons multiples s´y retrouvent au culte chaque dimanche.

Welcome to the French Protestant Church of London

All are welcome at the Soho church. Whoever and wherever you may come from, you always be welcome. You will be God’s guest.
Services are held in French every Sunday at 11am.

The French Protestant Church of London is the direct descendant of the first "Strangers" church founded in 1550 for French and Dutch refugees. Officially established by Royal Charter during the reign of
Edward VI, it makes London the oldest Protestant exiles church in England.

The current church, inaugurated in 1893, is a beautiful place designed by Sir Aston Webb.
In the wake of the 500 anniversary of the Reformation, the French Protestant Church of London is looking back at its early roots in organising a free conference on June 10th to investigate the contribution and integration of the French Huguenots in London.
To ensure its future, the French Protestant Church is also engaged in an important renovation project and an evaluation of its outreach.
The finality would be to offer a modern, welcoming and secure environment not only for its own congregation but also to local communities. Another major focus is to widely share its wealth of history by providing greater access to its collection of rare books and manuscripts, as well as helping others trace their family history.