to the French Protestant Church in London

Whoever you are, whatever you believe or are seeking, welcome to the site of the French Protestant church in Soho.

Whether you are planning to come and live in London, have been here for some time or are just visiting, it will be our pleasure to welcome you to Soho for a Sunday service or any other activity offered by our community.

We hold a service in French every Sunday at 11 a.m. throughout the year and celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month. Once again, you will always be welcome.


A wonderful concert: Les Fauristes performed 500 years of French music on Friday 18th January

During a magical evening and in front of a packed audience, Les Fauristes offered us a journey through 500 years of French music and poetry helping us to beat the post holidays blues. Conducted by Blandine de Raulin, les Fauristes, French choir founded in 2010, revisited the two glorious periods of French a capella repertoire, the…

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French prostestant church visits


Concerts, conferences, theatre, exhibitions, we regularly host or organize cultural events at the French Protestant Church. We are pleased to open to the public this little-known jewel. Visits are organised by special arrangements only.

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books library heritage


This temple is the direct descendant of churches of the Refuge established in England as early as 1550. In addition to its architectural interest it is a repository for five centuries of history through the archives and books kept in its library.

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A major and necessary renovation project is under way to restore the Soho church to its former splendour and its double role as a place of worship and cultural centre, witness to a unique heritage dating back to the 16th century.

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Organise your events in a historical setting in the heart of London: hire the church for your concerts, lectures or plays, or the lower ground floor for meetings, meals or rehearsals in a space especially designed to be functional and flexible.

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